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My Story…

I am an educator, a coach, a healer/lightworker (massage therapist, Reiki master, intuitive) and I owe it to this little sparrow named Tweetie.

I was about 8 years old when I rescued this baby bird that had fallen from it’s nest. It was laying in the gutter on the street.

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona and it was early summertime so time was of the essence. The bird didn’t have any feathers and seemed to be near death. I carried it home carefully and announced that I was going to feed it and nurse it back to health.

Looong story short, I amazed my family (who expected the worst), and Tweetie not only survived but s/he thrived and eventually flew the “nest” to live happily ever after!



Stress is a horrible beast. Like most of us, stress has been no stranger to me either.

Stress comes with everything that’s hard. Money issues (not a stranger to these), relationship issues (again, I get it!)… all these things tend to get us in a pattern of negative thoughts and then it continues to spiral.


Health Issues…

Over the years I’ve had my own health issues; back issues, Candida, SIBO, histamine intolerance, gallbladder and kidney stones, chronic sinus, recurring gut issues… an unofficially diagnosed “basal cell carcinoma”. You can read about how I “fixed” that in this blog entry. But, I digress.


The point is, I’m incredibly sympathetic…

I know how these issues feel and affect your entire outlook on life. Nobody could help me and I had to find solutions on my own. So, I want to help you find your way to a better feeling place, with less hassle and much quicker than I did.

I got started in my business because I wanted to help people heal, and redirect their life for the better, even tho they don’t know they can and that it’s within their power to do so.



I specialize in improving the immune system using a focus on the gut, and the lymphatic system. Your immune system is your secret weapon to fighting and winning every (EVERY) health battle.

As an intuitive and via my own life experiences, I’ve learned that our thinking (thoughts/beliefs) and emotions are KEY in what kind of life experiences we are having. AND we are in control of all of that!


I received my certification in health and nutritional coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

As I mentioned, I am a Certified Reiki Master, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT#16871) professionally trained in therapeutic massage through East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon, and an Ordained Minister.


Each step of my journey has added more to my lifelong passion for natural healing, along with the culmination of my training, personal & professional experience, as well as my intuitive guidance, provides me with an expansive understanding of the body’s anatomy and physiology, as well as the energetic connection of the body, mind, spirit & emotions.

My experience and training in Energy Medicine as a Reiki Master, along with my training in massage has amplified and fine-tuned my intuitive skills exponentially. Therefore, I’m able to tune into my clients and truly provide an effective treatment that often amazes us both! That is SOooo rewarding!


Everyone’s personal healing journey is a work in progress, and I’d love to assist you on your journey back to balance.

Healthful blessings to you…






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