Bedside Reiki

Bedside Reiki; Professional Therapeutic Service

With your consent and, if needed, your doctor’s permission, I will come to your hospital or hospice bedside* and offer Reiki for up to 60 minutes to provide support, peace, balancing/healing comfort, or transitional support.


Reiki in essence means;  “Spiritually Guided Universal Life Force Energy”. It cannot hurt because it is from Source (God, Universe, Creator, whatever resonates with you…) and therefore knows the wisdom of your cells and soul.

As a practitioner of Reiki, I do not “create” Reiki. It comes through me and I merely act as a conduit to help guide it with intention and support the balancing of energies.
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Below are some examples of how I’ve been blessed to give Reiki as a Bedside Reiki Service:


It’s an honor to be in recovery (post-surgery) to give Reiki as patients come out of anesthesia. This can be a painful and scary feeling waking from surgery and Reiki has been amazing to calm, minimize the need for pain medication and speed recovery.


I am grateful that I was able to be by my father’s side as his health diminished over the last few months of his life. There were other care-givers that were by his side at odd hours of the day and night and every caring soul matters when a loved one needs compassionate support.

Having someone offering the gentle but powerful energy of Reiki helps calm, and likely minimizes the need for pain medication and reduces incidence of Sundown Syndrome or other anxiety episodes.


Reiki can be useful to ease the event for all by reducing stress, anxiety, and bring peace at a much needed time. Rest assured that Reiki will not hasten, but will simply balance the energies allowing for a more relaxed transition.


This has been VERY helpful to my clients by creating a relaxed and quicker post-surgery, procedure or illness recovery, most often with less pain and needing less medication.
Faster healing has enthusiastically been reported!


Throw your back out? Strain a muscle and can’t move without pain?
Reiki is phenomenal to assist in getting you back on your feet.


Our loved ones come in all varieties of life forms.

  • Re-covery,
  • Illness,
  • Wellness maintenance,
  • Transition***

*** I have a close friend that performs euthanasia in-home through an organization that offers a professional, and very compassionate service. I’ve experienced the service first-hand and highly recommend it if this is what you’re considering. Sincerely it is the most compassionate choice I can imagine. I’d be happy to connect you with her.




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Duration: 60 min | Price: 149.00 USD each session

SAVE $50 with a Package of 3 sessions | Price: 397.00 USD


All services may be provided via a distance session, or hands-on. 

Restrictions and additional fees may apply. Please inquire for more information.