When an invasion of ants is a good thing.

Who would’ve thought that having an infestation of ants would be a good thing??

Over a fair amount of time I’ve collected stuff; clutter, shit I don’t need and stuff I do need (thinking of George Carlin’s “My Stuff, Your Shit” routine… haha). And as stress has mounted in areas of my life, so has the clutter. Can you relate?

In marches a little black ant. Scouts are sent out to investigate viable avenues and where it seems safe and comfy for them, they’ll set up a camp. I don’t use any chemicals in my house, yard, etc., so if I’ve got any bits of stuff they like laying around, the scouts are apt to find them. Heavy rains and unfavorable outdoor conditions will also drive the little buggers inside where it’s dry, warm and cozy. But usually, I don’t see these or any other unwanteds.

I feed my three kitties raw food so there isn’t kibble laid out for them. My kitties like their food and are known to “get into” their meal so every once in a while a small hunk flies off to somewhere and is undetected for a while. I don’t know if that’s the case or not but ants were finding their way into the dining and living area of my home.

Diatomaceous earth and/or borax is my go to for correcting this. I use the DE on my kitties periodically to control fleas and it works really well. They hate the smell (which I can barely smell) but it’s WAY better all around than the miserable and toxic flea meds I used to use on them.

So I’m bent over, getting a good/better perspective of the trail of these ants and recognize that it’s not just a few scouts. It’s a community. But where’s the entry?? I’m sprinkling DE and borax everywhere (kitties: NOT happy) but it’s killing and helping somewhat. But “WHERE are you guys coming from?!” I was chanting as I am bent over, sprinkling and hunting.

With all my busyness, I hadn’t vacuumed for a while so after the DE/borax had done it’s dastardly deed (sorry little guys 🙁 ) I started to vacuum and clean up the mess. This prompted the idea that since I was doing a deep cleaning (under couches, rugs, etc) I would rearrange my living room furniture. I’ve been contemplating that for a while and needed a change anyway.

Then that evolved into reorganizing other areas in the dining room and then some in the kitchen and my pantry. haha… My cats think I’m nuts and are but a little bit displeased right now, but I promised them that with these changes, reorganization and clutter clearing, we will ALL feel the easy, uninhibited flow of energy so much more. And THAT is essential for well-being on every level.

What does it take for you to get motivated to make a shift? Depending upon other things in our life and/or our perspectives, it might require a trauma or violation (such as for me in this case), or a strong desire for something better. I’ve been thinking about how I “need to” do some deep cleaning but I didn’t get motivated until the little buggers made it a requirement. They were my required force, the tipping point that made me say “That’s ENOUGH!” or “That’s NOT okay!” or when I finally found their little commune and entry from the vent under the rug in my dining room “OMG!! Aghh!!”


So my question to you is: What sort(s) of things in your life are cluttered, congested, stifled or blocking the flow of energy and creating avenues of unsavory energies (IE: ants)?

Where/how can you find motivation for the changes you want, short of waiting for an invasion or disaster to strike? 😉


If you’re not sure, here’s a 5 step process to help you start creating what you want in ANY area of your life.

1) Write a list (however long) of all the things you DON’T like about what’s happening in your life. Start each item with “I don’t like…”

2) Then, go down that list and write “WHY” you don’t like it.

3) Write, for each item WHAT IS GOOD about it.

4) Then write what you DO want instead.

5) AND THEN, from that… create an affirmation (or a few) for each item that you can start to build a new perspective from. Form this affirmation as if it is already done. Already achieved. Allow yourself to close your eyes and truly imagine the excited or content emotion that you would feel if you were LIVING it.


This process could look like:

What you don’t like:
1) I don’t like that I can’t seem to lose the weight I want to lose.

Why you don’t like it:
2) I don’t like that I can’t seem to lose the weight I want to lose because I feel uncomfortable and unattractive in my clothes.

What’s good about it:
3) Being overweight has helped me feel safe, protected or unapproachable when being approached felt scary or unsafe.

What you DO want instead:
4) I want to be 20 lbs lighter so can feel more confident, more in control of my body, and have more energy.

5) • I LOVE how it feels to be lighter and more comfortable in my clothes!

• I feel so good being in control of my body.

• I am safe, no matter what.

• It feels wonderful to have so much energy and to get so much done in a day!!


When you’ve completed your list of things you don’t like, why you don’t like them, what’s good about them, what you’d rather have and the affirmations from those things, the next thing to do is repeat these affirmations daily.

Why repeat them? Because our subconscious mind runs the show of our life, and IT doesn’t know the difference between “reality” and a perceived reality. So when you say your affirmations in the present tense, as if they’ve already happened, a few things begin to happen:

  1. Your subconscious mind begins to see these things as your reality
  2. Your brain actually begins to develop new neural pathways for these “realities” and
  3. The Law of Attraction begins to go to work and employs all it’s resources; Universe, God, Source, our Creator. Together these work in concert with your new beliefs of reality and **poof** it begins to align things in your life; circumstances, people, opportunities, etc., to support this new reality.


Not only do you need to believe it (your affirmations) to be true, you MUST include a full hearted emotional FEELING with it because THAT is the language of the body and all that is form.

Thought is the language of the mind. Feeling is the language of the body.

So… I invite you to try this out. Trust. Be open. Believe. Dream. Feel. When you actually allow these to fully envelope you, you’ll start to see shifts happening. It could take time if you have some inner resistance, and if you are able to fully dive in (or choose something you don’t have any resistance toward), I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!



If you’re inspired to do so, please share yours below! If you want, just share one of your items. Or post any questions you have here in the comments below.


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