Chair Massage Events

chair massage for...




Show them all just how much you appreciate them!


Schedule to have a massage therapist to come to your office or event location
to provide 15 minute* massages.

*Actual massage time is approximately 10-12 minutes, taking just a moment or two between to sanitize.


hands down most comfortable chair



~ I operate in a professional manner.


~ Each massage customer is considered unique and treated respectfully.


~ Between massages; I sanitize my hands, the face cradle and the chair, and the face cradle cover is replaced.


~ When applicable, I provide soft music during massages.



Inquire for Rates:

3, 4 or 5 hour events





Save on Pre-paid and/or Regular Multi-Events
(4x a year or more) Discounts



Are you ready to talk about setting up your next event? Great!


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Or feel free to contact me directly. I’m happy to chat and answer all your questions.


I truly love doing these Chair Massage Events! 😉

I hope to hear from you soon because I know you, your employees and your customers will love them, too!


in gratitude Margie