Library of Resources

Below is a growing library of resources for more information on products, health issues or concerns, food, supplements, and much more. This page gets updated often so check back to see what’s new!

Also, if a link becomes unable to be located, please let me know and I’ll address that. Similarly, if you have a suggestion for information you’d like to see on this page, I’m open to hearing your ideas! I want to keep a good and useable library of information for those who want to explore and learn more.


A very clear and succinct teaching of how our thoughts form our reality through the perspective and expertise of Neurophysics educator;
Dr. Joe Dispenza: (about 1 hour 20 min but TOTALLY worth the time!)


Abraham-Hicks Daily:
(each about 10-15 minutes each — a GREAT way to start or end your day!)


Alternative Treatments:


Cancer Organizations:



Liver Congestion, Cleansing:



Early Cancer Detection:


Cleaning Products:


Sugar, Sugar Substitutes:

Super Foods: