Also see Reiki or my very own unique Reikassage™


Benefits of Health Centered Massage…

With the increased circulation of the blood and thereby increased levels of oxygen getting circulated to all the cells of the body, you’ll likely feel energized and rejuvenated after your massage.

Your blood gets pumped throughout your body by your heart, yet massage assists in movement through areas of stagnation.

But on the other hand, the lymph fluid is dependent upon muscle contraction or tissue manipulation (massage) to achieve its flow throughout the body.

Many of us sit or stand for extended amounts of time due to work or travel, which prevents the lymphatic system from maintaining a proper circulation. Sedentary lives (a lack of sufficient exercise) or muscular tension (from injury or stress) blocks circulation as well.

Massage is great for helping in these situations! Lymph plays an IMPORTANT role in ridding our body of toxins, pathogens, viruses, bacteria and standard cellular debris so it’s vital to keep it circulating optimally.

The manipulation and kneading of the muscle and surrounding tissue helps to release these toxins. If allowed to back up, it can create pain and develop other issues. If left to become chronic, damage and disease can manifest.

Massage promotes and enhances…

  • all bodily functions such as digestion
  • assimilation of nutrients
  • release of waste (ask about my “Health Belly Massage”!)
  • helps us process and manage emotions
  • reduces the fight or flight response of today’s chronic stress
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces elevated cortisol levels, which in turn can help to…
  • normalize healthy weight levels


YES! 😉  Your body can “normalize” itself. By getting regular massages, your body can adjust it’s weight (gain or lose) as needed to create homeostasis especially while laying on the amazing Amethyst BioMat… which I offer at no additional charge during my massages (I don’t know of anyone else in town that’s doing this)!

In addition, a variety of essential oils are complementary.


What to expect during a typical session with Margie…

In a session, each client receives a personalized treatment. 

Each is unique and intuitively guided to provide not just a thorough massage, but a whole body balancing.

 This includes Reiki (source guided energy which balances to allow for deep healing)

 The soothing, warm and regenerating BioMat

 Optional (but encouraged) “Healthy Belly Massage”

 An energetic sweep to ground and integrate the work, and…

 To close: an optional drumming to deeply establish connection with one’s own energy.


Of course, if you prefer, a simple full-body, no frills massage is also a standard option! ☺️


1 hr (60 min) – $80

1 1/2 hr (90 min) – $115



Discounted packages of 3 (10% off) or 5 (20% off):

3 pack – 60 min =  $216 (You Save $24.00!)

3 pack – 90 min =  $310 (You Save $35.00!) 


5 pack – 60 min =  $320 (You Save $80.00!) 

5 pack – 90 min =  $460 (You Save $115.00!) 



All my packages include VIP Scheduling!

VIP Scheduling offers you a very special advantage.

WITH the purchase of any package… I will do my very best (jump through hoops!) to make sure you get the time slot you request at any day of the week, even if my online calendar doesn’t show that availability. I love my clients! 



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The Amethyst BioMat…


The BioMat (read more…) is a full body-sized mat that fits the entire surface of the massage table.

This mat is filled with channels of crushed amethyst and black tourmaline and when heated it produces an amazing healing effect while providing a lovely and relaxing warmth.

The BioMat emits deep healing into your body at a cellular level at the same time that you receive a relaxing and therapeutic massage (and is included at no extra cost)!

Do you want the BioMat à la carte?  Click here for more info!