Meet Margie

Hi! My name is Margie Stenson.

Among many things, I am an Educator, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist (currently inactive), an Intuitive, and an Ordained Minister.

I’m also a mother of two grown amazing men, a Grammy to two beautiful grandchildren, and a retired truck driver (yeah! 18 wheeler/OTR 11 western states… that was fun!). I’m an artist on many levels; from painting, writing, graphic design, to the culinary arts, as well as the art of healing. The majority of my DNA heritage comes from Scotland, and I proudly honor it (I actually have vivid images from a past life in Edinburgh). I’m a warrior… and I’m YOUR warrior. 💪🏼😎

DISCLOSURE: In addition to my Scottish heritage, my daddy was a Navy Officer, so between being primarily a Scot, and my daddy being a sailor, and my trucking background, I’ve got a wee bit of a potty mouth. haha… 😆  

Like most of us, I’ve had my own health issues; back injuries, female/reproductive system issues, Candida, SIBO, histamine intolerance, an unofficially diagnosed “basal cell carcinoma” (you can read about how I “fixed” that in this blog entry), and now… stage III ovarian cancer coupled with Ascites (fluid produced by the tumors). 

I’ve studied and applied more than most about health and healing, and these experiences have launched me deeper into a better knowing and functional understanding than someone that hasn’t experienced it.

But for a LONG TIME I struggled thinking I was incompetent or simply a failure at this health thing. BUT HOW? I knew so much about the body; it’s anatomy, physiology, and how to best nourish and avoid the obviously toxic shit. I not only KNEW this stuff, I applied it. So HOW was it possible that I continued to have issues??

The body is complex and each person/situation is different.

Genes, environment, emotions, support or lack of… MANY moving parts contribute to any given situation and create unique results. So I’ve forgiven myself for getting sick even though I’m a health professional because I realized we are ALL human. Doctors get sick. Plumbers get leaky pipes. Firefighters fight fires 🔥 but the flames don’t always go out when intended or expected. Some even lose their lives but that DOESN’T make them failures or incompetent at what they do.

Having these issues, while they initially rocked my confidence, have taught me firsthand how interconnected everything (and everyone) is when it comes to wellness/ease, and dis-ease. I know how this suffering feels and how it affects your entire life experience and outlook/perspective on life AND how it helps form your own personal perspective of yourself. 

Doctors didn’t know how to help me.

Because, for the most part, they’re trained to treat symptoms with meds, so they could only offer a prescription for steroids or an antibiotic which in many cases was like spitting on the forest fire. And for the cancer… they were adamant that I do chemo (which I have always been opposed to). I wanted a cure, not a bandaid or an A-Bomb with loads of “friendly fire” and collateral damage, so I had to find solutions on my own. 

They (other health professionals) are JUST BEGINNING to learn more and understand the functions of the gut, the brain and body. Dietary Do’s & Don’t’s keep changing. “Eggs are bad. No, they’re good. Oh wait, the whites are bad. No, they’re good and the yolk is bad. No… oh shit, I don’t know what’s good or bad now.” Same with coffee, chocolate, grains, animal proteins, alcohol… it’s almost comical. I have a simple principle I follow for this… Nature (God, Universe, Source, Creator, etc) is brilliant. For every illness or imbalance, there is a cure in Nature. I happen to think eggs are good. Whole. Otherwise Nature would have had chickens that lay “just yolks” and others that lay “just whites”. 

So it’s not figured out yet. And what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another. My grandmother was allergic to eggs. I love them. There’s variables in EVERYTHING. So the best approach I’ve found is to keep learning, keep trying new things, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep getting out of bed, and keep breathing in and out.

We ALL need support. This, I found, was sorely missing in my life from day one. So when it’s not there… create it. Look for it. Ask for it. Because support has been missing in my life, and because I’ve recognized the IMMENSE VALUE and necessity of it (“it takes a village”), I am eager to support others… YOU, especially if I can offer nuggets from my own journey that may be of some help.

In my personal and professional studies during my own healing journey, I’ve learned a lot about a lot of things!

  • Namely, the necessity of a strong immune system. Supporting the immune and the lymphatic system is a not-so-secret weapon to fighting and winning every (EVERY) health battle.
  • Just as important is our thinking (thoughts/beliefs) and emotions to what kind of life experiences we are having. On that point, we are FULLY in control!
  • There’s diet & nourishment, environment, air/water, movement (physical and energetic), breath, detoxification (hugely important!), sleep and circadian rhythms, hormones, hydration, and so much more that goes into a healing or wellness protocol. 

There’s so many moving parts and each person and situation is unique. 

The culmination of my training, personal & professional experience, as well as my intuitive guidance, provides me with an expansive understanding of the body’s anatomy and physiology, as well as the energetic connection of the body, mind, spirit & emotions.

Everyone’s personal healing journey is a work in progress, and I’d love to support you on your journey back to balance.

Healthful blessings to you…