What is this spot?!

A few years ago (2010-11) I became concerned about a spot that had been present on my face for a while. It was suspicious for a few reasons; 1) it HAD been on the right side of my forehead for several months but I did a cleanse (Master Cleanse, aka the Lemonade cleanse) for just a few days and it disappeared. BUT about a month or two later, it returned on THE OTHER SIDE OF MY FACE! SAME location on my forehead but now it was on the left side. That was a little whack but I thought another cleanse would get rid of it. Several cleanses later (all kinds, including the Master Cleanse) it didn’t budge. It was also suspicious 2) because it was slightly raised like a mole. It remained darkish in color but didn’t really change much. It just stayed there. So after nearly a year I decided to keep track by photographing it (pic taken Aug 2011).

Those who know me, know that I eat really “clean”. I was eating mostly raw, vegetarian foods and NO sugars (not even fruits) because I’d been dealing with candidiasis for years. But during this time, I was going through a lot of stress mostly due to severe water damage to my home  which resulted in a major remodel and was relocated to a hotel for 4 months. Looking at these pics I can see the yellow tinge to my skin (liver/gallbladder congestion). I’ve been SUCH a good girl when it comes to my diet that I’m seriously surprised by these issues! I never ate much, if any, junk food. Have never drunk soda except on a rare occasion. But I have had some chronic issues, especially the candida, inflammation and some stubborn excess weight.

Flash forward to the end of 2013, after dealing with a very sad/stressful break up of a long term and deeply significant relationship, the holidays, money issues and the stresses of starting my own business, the spot on my face advanced in a negative fashion. It began to grow taller (off my skin) and wider AND it got darker. This happened really fast and I attribute this to all the stresses and to the amount of animal proteins I had been eating over the last year. Prior to that, my diet was predominantly vegetarian when I started seeing a new naturopath who had suggested I eat more animal protein because it was his opinion I needed it. At the same time, I became I reunited with my (now) ex (he was my high school sweetheart – truly a beautiful story). He was a big meat eater and while I’m not blaming anyone, I should have resisted the influences and followed the sensations I felt within, realizing that my body felt much happier without that much animal flesh. Regardless, after the break up of my relationship, I continued to eat too much animal protein. I can say I know it was too much with absolute certainty because of how much better I feel now that cut back. My heart palpitations have even stopped! But I also wasn’t eating enough greens. At the time tho I suppose I was seeking out comfort in the form of food. In the midst of the sadness I felt, and the cold weather and holidays pressures, chicken seemed more appetizing than salad. And if I baked a whole one, I’d just nosh on that instead of working in the veggies. I was being lazy, and feeling sad, cold, etc…

During the week prior to Thanksgiving, the spot on my face more than doubled in size. AND it started to bleed a little from one side. I applied some Hydrogen Peroxide to it on Dec 7. On the 8th it totally spazzed out and got really, really “angry”!! It looked horrible and that was the worst it got. I looked up in my pathology books and it had EVERY characteristic of basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer- and this was confirmed by a good friend in the medical field).

It hurt to touch it and it was bleeding. I got a little wigged out but decided to apply everything I know (nutritionally) and knew I’d be okay. Coincidentally, at the same time that this was blowing up out of control, I learned about a new line of vitamins which included a detox product called zeolite. I ordered them right away and started taking them December 3.

Besides starting the vitamins and detox, I just about completely quit eating animal flesh (I still ate eggs and occasional fish), and upped my intake of raw/live green foods. This snapshot is from a post I made on my Facebook page only 19 days later!! Only a few days later it was completely healed!

My son’s gf called it a “Christmas Miracle”. Perhaps. But I can also see how all the factors played in:

  • When eating a lot of animal proteins, swimming in stress and sad emotions and NOT eating many living green foods; it rapidly progressed in a negative fashion.
  • By withdrawing the majority of the animal proteins, and nourishing by ADDING lots of live leafy greens and supplementing healthfully while also detoxifying; it healed.

I’ve seen it happen many times and I’ve experienced it a few times now myself. This was cancer. Now it’s gone AND in a very short amount of time. I feel blessed and do believe it’s a miracle, but not the kind of miracle that blesses us by chance. I applied the science and I healed. Anyone can do it.

Anyway, I wanted to share my story. Even as a health coach, we are all under stress, we are all human and susceptible to falling back on old habits or new unhealthy influences. All we need to do is pick ourselves up, and keep moving forward the best we know how.


“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” — Nelson Mandela

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