Reikassage by Margie

(Introducing) Reikassage

Reikassage™ is my own personal blend of my two favorite modalities;
Reiki and Swedish Massage.

My clients really love it and I think you will, too!


A typical Reikassage™ session…

Starts with a few minutes discussing your current status and desired outcome for the session.

Then, wearing loose comfortable clothing, and shoes removed for comfort, you’ll position yourself on top of the warm and healing BioMat covered massage table. There is a soft fleece cover which will keep you comfortable as you relax.

Gentle music will play to help you unwind and sink deeper into relaxation throughout the session.


The first half of the session begins with some therapeutic and relaxing compression and light stroking massage to soothe the tension, stress and daily concerns out of your physical body.


Reiki massageIn the second half of your session we’ll slow things down to a deeply energetic flow of Reiki which can feel like a hypnotic level of healing. Some say they drift off to that “almost dream state-like place”, whereas others feel a warm glow, and sometimes a tingling. Everyone’s experience is unique and always beneficial.

The last few minutes consists of face (gentle), neck and shoulder massage & Reiki, bringing the treatment almost to a close.

Then, a final sweeping and integration of the entire body, mind & spirit bringing you back into your body and grounding you before you face the world again.

You’ll have a few minutes to take some deep breaths, sit up and mindfully re-enter your awareness before you get off the table. When you’re all done, you’ll be feeling renewed and rebalanced.


I’ve never found anyone that does this particular combination the way I do.

I hope you will give it a try. I really think you’ll like it! tiny purple heart

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