I think many of us are simply dumbstruck by all that is happening in the political and world news today. I know I am.


I came across this post (link below at bottom) that includes some brilliant self-preservation tips to maintain a positive perspective, while standing strong in your political views AND staying well, mentally and physically. I’m sharing because I can’t say it better than the author and it CAN help you, just as it’s helped me.


These are things we have control over; honoring your boundaries for your sanity, focusing on a few (rather than a bunch) of issues, making things as fun as possible, and taking care of yourself. In order to stay strong for ourselves, so we don’t get overcome with grief or illness, these are quite simple to do with a YUGE return.

I am among the millions that will be losing my healthcare insurance (ACA). If you are within this group or will be negatively effected and find it difficult or impossible to get the health care insurance that you’ve been dependent upon, consider taking your health care into your own hands.


Healing and overcoming disease naturally IS POSSIBLE. And it’s how we were designed. Drugs do not heal. Nutrition does. Nature does. I can show you how and help you achieve your wellness.


Humans have been on the planet for at least 6 million years, and our more direct, more civilized ancestors have inhabited earth for approx. 200,000 years… all without modern medicine or prescription drugs.

If you take an overview perspective of our collective health, we are worse off today than ever before.

The amount of deaths that occur each year from “known side-effects” of Rx (properly used and administered medications) is staggering; close to 500,000 each year, give or take a little. This doesn’t reflect the toxicity and resulting diseases to those that survive death.


Medication is toxic. And the body has to process these things out, but when struggling with disease and stress (of life AND the associated stresses of illness), the body struggles terribly and lags behind… more disease results, and eventually for too many; death. And THIS number is not reflected in the number I gave above.

From my research this morning, medical error is the THIRD leading cause of death in the U.S. responsible for up to (or more than) 450,000 each year. That’s human error, mistakes.


Our bodies were not designed to function on… Frankenfood (processed “food”), synthetic things created in a lab. Disease is a symptom of the body being given too much of the wrong foods and drinks, too much stress and not enough rest, pure water, clean oxygen or movement.

In the attached article, you’ll read a list of 4 headings, the last of which is “Take Care of the Basics”; IE: getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising, doing joyful stuff like spending quality time with loved ones, taking care of your health, etc. These are the BEST things you can do to maintain your health and whatever joy you can muster, especially in these trying/difficult times.

When trying add self-care to the list of stresses of your existing circumstances, getting support can be vital for success and surviving.


As a means to take care of yourself, I want to encourage you to reach out for the support you need. Invest in yourself (vs the medical/pharma industries, which, btw- are THE richest industries of the nation and doing just fine without your support).


You’re invited… to schedule a free consultation with me, a true advocate to your health and well-being. My mission is to empower you to take control of your health so that you can fully enjoy your life and feel the joy you were meant to feel.






I offer a free support community on FB. You’re welcome to check us out!


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me by leaving a message below or send me an email.








Link: click here for the great post! by Coffeelicious


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