Scale of Emotions

When desiring to move from a place lower on the scale of emotions to a higher place (for instance from fear or grief to one of joy and love), don’t beat yourself up for not being able to make the leap instantaneously. It’s a big jump!

Instead, allow yourself to move from one level to the next level up, and then the next level up from that. For example, if you’re feeling depressed or powerless, moving from there to a feeling of insecurity or even anger or revenge is a step in the right direction and much more doable than expecting to take a huge leap to joy.

I’m not suggesting that you ACT on the feeling of revenge! 😉 Nor am I saying that you can’t leap from sadness to joy but most often, it’s a process… like walking up or down the stairs.

And, I might add, having the awareness of where you are on the Scale of Emotions is truly a huge step by itself. With that awareness, one can more easily navigate the next step up and then the next step up… making moves up the scale, step at a time, until you can attain the good feeling emotions that you desire like joy, freedom, appreciation and love.

LOA scale of emotions

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this scale! It’s actually a very powerful tool to use when desiring to have or create more of what you want in your life. I use this all the time with myself and my clients.

If you’re in alignment and congruent with what you want to create in your life, then you will feel emotions toward the top of the scale. When you’re not in alignment with your higher purpose and goals, then you will feel emotions at the lower end of the scale.

Your emotions are merely indicators of where you… aligned or misaligned.

This misalignment can manifest and show up in many ways in our lives. Unhappy relationships. Over or under weight. Illnesses or discomfort. Diseases that rob our quality of life… and quite possibly our life itself.

If you’re noticing that you maintain a fairly constant place on the mid to lower end of the emotional scale, I want to encourage you to reach out for support. Whether it’s with me; a Holistic Coach, or someone else, it doesn’t matter. You were meant to AND deserve to have joy in your life. You’re supposed to feel good. It is your birthright and EVERYONE needs a supportive hand at some point in their lives.

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