Life is full of everything…

… life is full of beginning’s, endings, and all the other stuff.
I personally think that there is no “death”. There may be an end to this life or the end of a project, job, marriage, etc., but there’s always a new beginning that follows so technically there is no “end”.
It’s kind of like trying to identify the end and beginning of a droplet of water that’s surrounded by a bunch of other drops (like in the ocean, a stream, cup or bucket). It’s there but focusing on where it ends or begins is less important than focusing on the expansiveness and bigger existence of the droplet in conjunction with all the other droplets. Together we make the whole… and we are each unique and equally important to the entirety.
We need to remember to simply live… live every moment with joy and curiosity, playfulness, and the expectation that everything is as it should be and make the best of it all. Drop the worries, fears, jealousy, judgment, hate… drop all that shit because it only clouds our joy. Joy and love matter so much. That other shit doesn’t, but… we should honor it as well.
Love your life, love your friends, love your family, even love your enemies… and we have to love the shit*. Without the “down” we wouldn’t know what “up” feels like. (*btw- what we label as “shit” is only a perception. What we deem as bad might feel and BE good to someone else.)
Love does not mean that you have to agree or even interact with, it means to give from the heart to the heart of others. I’ve learned how to love from a distance. Sometimes that is necessary. Look for the best and love that. “Namaste”, in Hinduism, means to bow to the divine in others. And I think to love means something very similar only much deeper.
My uncle (my dad’s brother) died about a week and a half ago. My best friend’s mother just died this morning from a stroke she had last week.
My daughter-in-law’s birthday is today. And my son and daughter-in-law are having a baby in a few months.
I personally think we (our souls) live eternally so when our bodies give out or cease to breathe or circulate life force any longer, our soul transitions to a new (or perhaps old and familiar) existence.
Kinda like the waves of an ocean or ripples of a stream. We are all swimming in the waves. Let’s have fun. Enjoy it. That’s what it’s for!


What kind of things can you do today to celebrate your life?

Even if it’s just a thought of gratitude, slip that in. Have the dessert. Buy the shoes. Take the nap. Get the massage **wink-wink, nod-nod, 😀 **

Lets lift a glass to celebrate and honor all the other droplets and their uniqueness. tiny purple heart

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