Feeling STRESSED??

I can often feel stress and overwhelm… and have been lately, especially with the political craziness , and my financial circumstances and struggles as of late.



After recently paying my 2nd of 3 HIGH property tax payments this year (that keep raising every year!), I found myself really wanting to live in a lower cost of living area.

And let’s face it, it DOES make it hard to want to pay HIGH taxes when it seems evident that the new president doesn’t. The added fact that I don’t support his bs makes it harder to pay to support him and his expensive manner of doing. But I digress…

My stress is also fueled by the extra droopy, rainy and cold weather we’ve been having here in the Pacific Northwest (the water soaking into my garage doesn’t help!).

But I know that my discontent and reasons for wanting to move aren’t because of my current location. It’s my current frame of thinking.

We can change our perspectives and change everything. But, I reasoned with myself, “That still doesn’t change my $$ status right now.”

So I searched within… and searched and searched…   WHAT is it that I want and can focus on to improve my current life experience?

For me, I want comfort but I also want stimulation. I think we all do. I want to control my environment to provide the comfort and predictability that makes me feel safe.

I also want stimulation and excitement… a challenge perhaps. For some that might mean jumping from a bridge on a bungee cord, skiing at night, climbing a wall, or even fighting with someone.


I began quizzically thinking about why moving popped up for me, rather than, “Let’s buckle down and do X,Y, Z… to create more money”.

Making money has never been a strong suit for me. I don’t have a lot of confidence in making money. I chose moving because it’s familiar and I AM confident in how to do that. I’ve done it plenty of times.

Plus the place I’m thinking about moving to is a place I’ve known most my life. I’ve lived there almost a decade of my adult life and frequented it plenty as a kid. But it’s not the atmosphere that I LOVE about the PNW. I LOVE the lush green and the smell of the forest. Hmm… I also love the smell of the desert in the morning or after a fresh rain.


I’m talking and thinking about moving back to Prescott, AZ. The high desert. About the same temperatures as here but drier because there’s much less rain. It’s also less green there because of the thinner air (I’m guessing) due to being a “mile high” city. There are scorpions and rattlesnakes there. But no mold, mud/landslides or the stupidly high property taxes.

Cost of living in Prescott AZ is almost 26% LESS than where I’m at. Home values are less, too. I can sell my home here and buy an equally nice one in Prescott for half the cost, and less than half the taxes. I like that! But will that solve everything?

NO! I’d miss the green lush vibrance of Oregon. The water falls, the ocean being an hour away and the hot springs… omg the hot springs! I LOVE those. AND the beautiful green, mossy FOREST! ❤️


 What to do??!

Am I just bored? Lacking stimulation and wanting safe, familiar but still NEW challenges? I think so.

The Laws of the Universe dictate that we crave creation. Creation is growth. Growth is change. We resist change but we love creation and therefore crave what we tend to resist. Goofy? haha… I’ll say! 😉

Once we’ve created anything, we are often surprised by how fleeting the joy of that creation lasts. It can even feel like a let-down. For example: going to college to get your degree… and after several years of laborious work, you’re looking at it in your hand and you’re saying, “Wow. That’s great. But… I thought there’d be more thrill in getting this!”

That’s because the thrill isn’t in the getting… it’s in the creation.

We humans put too much emphasis on the end result. It’s the creation that we thrive upon. It’s the pieces of the puzzle we love putting together. It’s the exhilaration we feel in seeing that THAT piece fit and/or the creativity and the act of maneuvering them all to get them to fit just right. THAT’s what we love and get the most enjoyment from. Do you agree?

It’s natural to opt for a challenge that has some familiarity to it. And natural to avoid or be apprehensive to try things that you’ve “failed” at before.


 thinking that we (I) have been a failure is just a belief that we can choose to believe or not believe. I’m choosing to believe that making big piles of money is something that I haven’t been really skilled at YET. But, just like being a pro at moving or driving an 18 wheeler, I can learn this, too!


I love the way the Universe provides answers to the questions we have… this morning I was listening to a colleague on a live FB post recite from a poem she enjoyed… and the message was taking that first step… the one that might feel uncomfortable.

Spot on I’d say. Thanks Universe! ❤️


I am still open to moving. Or staying. But I’m going to step fully into what I started first (the plans to build my business and take it in a newer direction). It’s uncomfortable because it’s not familiar. But guaranteed, the experience will be valuable.


So, what are YOU wanting in your life?

  Feeling content or bored?

  Wanting a challenge or some stimulation?

  Unsure about taking a step that feels challenging or potentially uncomfortable?

  What feels good for you?

Please write below anything you feel inspired to share.

It’s incredibly important to add that when you make your choice of what step to take, you should be in a good place, mentally. I mean, making life choices need to be from your “high flying disc” rather than a place of fear, anger or resentment.

Align with your choice and if it feels good, go for it. Otherwise, continue to ponder and keep exploring until you find a good feeling alignment with a new (or old) choice.


I look forward to reading your responses. If you’d like to connect with me to chat about what you might want your next step to be; whether that is to start a new journey toward better health, reducing stress, or whatever you’re dealing with right now, you’re welcome to schedule a free call.



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