As I was recently updating my “About me” page on my website, I felt inspired to really tell my story. I tend to get pretty wordy. This is something I’ve been shamed for repeatedly but am learning that it’s really an asset. I’m owning it here.

So… just in case you get told things like “OMG you go on and on and on…”, or “Don’t you ever shut up?!”, and you feel fear or apprehension to speak what’s on your heart, YOU are OKAY, too. 


My Story…

How did I get to where I am now… as an educator, a coach, and a healer/lightworker?

It probably started when I was about 8 years old and I rescued a baby bird that had fallen from it’s nest. It was laying in the gutter on the street.

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona and it was early summertime. I remember that because I didn’t have school but it wasn’t so blazing hot yet, as it always got in the summer.

The bird didn’t have any feathers and seemed to be a sparrow. I carried it home carefully and announced that I was going to feed it and nurse it back to health and then raise it as a pet. My parents had been through similar experiences with my two older brothers who tried to do the same with a pigeon or a dove. They didn’t survive. But I had every expectation that my baby bird would. My parents tried to talk me out of it, but what was the alternative?? Kill it? Just let it die?! “No.” I said. “Now where is the tweezers and lets soak some bread in milk.”

Nobody wanted to help, or probably be part of the disappointment so I did it by myself. At first I had to convince “Tweetie” (as I aptly named him) to live. I nudged and spoke gently to him. He responded. So every couple of hours or so I was sticking soggy milk soaked bread in his little beak. I did this around the clock.

I had him in a shoe box with an old washcloth my mom let me have. As he continued to stay alive and keep growing, everyone was amazed. Tweetie started growing feathers and was moving around more and more. My dad built a little screen box with a lid so he’d stay safe (my dad owned a screen and awning business). Eventually he began to hop and would stay on my hand or arm (as shown in the pic). When he got old enough I had traded out the milky bread for bird seed and bugs that I’d find.

Then he would try to fly. So I decided to teach him how to do that so he wouldn’t hurt himself. I’d spread out newspapers every day in the living room and from a very low level I’d “drop” him onto a pillow until he learned to flap his wings. Then I’d lift him higher and higher until he was flying all around the house.

He was so cute. He’d tweet and hop and/or fly around following me and others in the family as if he wanted to play.

Finally the day came when I had to set him free. He’d been noticing the birds outside and wanted to join them. I was sad to see him go and worried if he’d know how to feed himself. But I decided to trust that nature and his new friends would help him get it figured out.



About 40 years ago…

In 1976 when I was a young teenager (16 yo), my father introduced me to Adelle Davis (one of the original health gurus) and the Prevention Magazine. Natural healing resonated with me completely and quickly became a passion.

Spring of 1988 I watched, helplessly, as my grandmother died of pancreatic cancer after many years of being sick and uncomfortable, and understandably grumpy. Even with my passion in natural healing, I was totally out of my element when it came to such diseases as cancer. Besides, who was going to listen to “me” when it came to something like this?

In March 2004 my father passed away from strokes (he had several strokes and countless TIAs, each taking another “chunk” from him). He also suffered from heart issues, high blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat). He smoked for short periods, drank socially and occasionally gained some weight. Nothing extreme.

My mother had a long history of heart and blood pressure issues, congestive heart failure, and chronic respiratory infections. She was pre-diabetic, overweight, and smoked most of her adult life, finally quitting in her 60’s so she could travel the way she wanted to (yay Mom!). And she drank as much or maybe a tad more than my father, which for that generation, the amount was pretty normal.

They divorced after 25 mostly unhappy years. Mom wasn’t too happy with a lot of things in life and she told me several times that she wasn’t about to give up “the only things” she felt brought her pleasure, namely; sweets/candy, alcohol, pastries, fatty processed meats (salami in particular), cheeses (processed fake stuff) and thick layers of her favorite margarine. Oh my… I can still remember her favorite snack was a slice of bread with a thick layer of margarine, and several slices of salami. And her regular bedtime routine was several rum and cokes, and handfuls of M&M’s while reading a murder mystery.

She was 80 when she lost her life to colon cancer in January 2006 after MANY years of gut health issues, which included chronic diarrhea, bloating, and gas. It was at least 10 years before she died that I heard her complain that she couldn’t eat anything without it causing her gut pain. Nevertheless, she had no interest in what I had to say about it and rarely shared her experiences with me to avoid my suggestions.

During the holidays in 2009 I learned that one of my friend’s husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I felt intensely inspired to not only do what I could to help him, but to position myself to help as many others as I could, as well.

In the following months/years I would become quite experienced and knowledgeable about reversing diseases and in specific, gut disorders and even my own skin cancer. And while I can’t/won’t take credit for my friend’s husband’s recovery, I’m very happy to say that, all things considered, he is doing VERY well! This is phenomenal since he was given a prognosis of 6 months to 2 years, and that was several years ago now (as I write this in Feb 2017). 🙂



Stress is a horrible beast and my parents, grandmother and my friend all had plenty on their plates. Stress was no stranger to me either.

I have experienced some intense emotional stress beginning at a very young age. Some no different than others but in other areas, possibly a fair amount more.

At this day and age, who hasn’t dealt with their parents divorcing? I did. I was 15. I was actually happy for my parents because then I thought they’d be happier apart. But it did create a lot of new stresses for everyone.

Then at 16 I had an unexpected pregnancy with all the intentions to raise my baby, only to slowly recognize that he needed MUCH more than I could give him at that age. So, when he was a year old, I gave him up for adoption. THAT was the hardest thing I’d ever dealt with, at the time.


There’s more but let’s fast forward to when I was about 27…

I got married, had a child, and made a long distance move here to Oregon from AZ. Since that time I would experience 2 marriages, 2 divorces and at last count about 18 moves, with at least half of those being long distance.

My second child, another son, was born in 1988 via C-section (same as the first in 1976) and shortly after, I threw my back out by bending over to lay my son down in his crib (a connection with the epidural, I’m SURE, but cannot prove). Then a couple years later, missing the last step down the stairs landed me on my knee on the hard tile floor below, jamming my back. I was in CONSTANT pain for the next 12-13 months.

Then by about 2003 I started experiencing similar symptoms as my mother (bloat, gas, diarrhea, brain fog, just to name a few). I was finishing up massage school, fighting with my ex and bracing for my father’s impending death as his health began to rapidly decline. Oh, and I was broke and my cat died (on the day of finals).

Right after graduating, I moved down to AZ again to be with my father, leaving my teenaged son with his father (that was SO hard to do). It was extra hard because his dad wasn’t being very nice and didn’t have any interest in co-parenting.

During this time I started experiencing unexplained scalp itching, and hives with random massive sized welts (the size of a salad plate). The doctors (3) didn’t know what it was and sent me home with steroids. I was overweight and puffy. I hated my life. It was terribly uncomfortable.

I would later figure out that I was suffering from Candidiasis. Once I figured it out, I learned, ON MY OWN, how to fix it.

And then again years later, Candida came back and this time with SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth), and then add in a little (actually a LOT) Histamine Intolerance. *sigh*


So, LONG story short…

I’m incredibly sympathetic to how these issues feel and affect your entire outlook on life. Nobody could help me so I had to find solutions on my own.

I learned that I needed to strengthen the muscles in my core/gut/back to help relieve the back pain. And I learned what foods I needed to temporarily avoid while healing my gut. Stress is something we all face and as a business owner, a home owner and just a regular gal, I still have plenty. But learning how to deal with it is key.

I know what it’s like to be affected by EVERYTHING YOU EAT (something my mom complained about but nobody knew what that was to help her). I’ve struggled and tried and failed. Then I kept trying until I found what worked for me.

When it comes to these gut disturbances, I’ve heard countless women and men crying out in desperation because they don’t know what to eat, everything seems to make them sicker. It’s heartbreaking because I can feel their pain. I have been there.


I’ve often said…

“Everything happens for a reason, and in right time.” I believe that we go through these really tough times for growth and experiences that teach us valuable lessons. And everyone’s reasons/lessons will be different.

• My back injuries and recoveries have helped me become a compassionate and empathetic masseuse. I know what it feels like and I know how to help it.

• My gut issues have caused me to use my tenacity to devise some successful methods to dealing with these wicked and debilitating issues so I could eat, sleep, heal and regain my health again… AND to help others, like you, get through it, too.

• And while I haven’t been officially “diagnosed” with cancer, I have had some spots on my skin that a medical friend said “Yeah… that’s cancer.” In specific, “basal cell carcinoma”. You can read about how I “fixed” that in this blog entry.

I got started in business because I wanted to help people heal, even tho they don’t know they can and that it’s within their power to heal.


So I became an educator and a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

I specialize in gut health and improving the immune system using a focus on the lymphatic system. Your immune system is your secret weapon to fighting and winning every (EVERY) health battle.

I received my certification in health and nutritional coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Additionally, I am a Certified Reiki Master, an Ordained Minister, and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT#16871) professionally trained in therapeutic massage through East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon.

My lifelong passion for natural healing, along with the culmination of my training, personal & professional experience, as well as my intuitive guidance, provides me with an expansive understanding of the body’s anatomy and physiology, as well as the energetic connection of the body, mind, spirit & emotions.

My experience and training in Energy Medicine as a Reiki Master, along with my training in massage has amplified and fine-tuned my intuitive skills exponentially. Therefore, I’m able to tune into my clients and truly provide an effective treatment that often amazes us both! That is SOooo rewarding!

I’ve also created a great deal of balance in my life by learning to be mindful and recognizing the cues of when I’m in or out of the “the zone”.

Being IN the zone feels great and like everything is clicking along perfectly. Being OUT of the zone is when I’m stubbing my toe, or dropping things, or feeling like everything is against me. There are some simple and yet powerful things I’ve learned to keep things feeling better most of the time. To use the common analogy, it’s like letting go of the oars and letting the current of the stream float your boat, instead of fighting the current to paddle upstream.


Simply put, making these changes can mean the difference between living a tough life, and suffering (or even death), and living an easier and more joyous life with improved, wealth, health and a sustainable quality of life.

As an Educator, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, and Alternative Healing Arts Practitioner, I am grateful and feel blessed to be a supportive mentor in helping others to bring back a quality of life thought to be no longer attainable.

Everyone’s personal healing journey is a work in progress, and I’d love to assist you on your journey back to balance.

Healthful blessings to you…







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