The Law of Momentum

Laws of the Universe

Sir Isaac Newton got bopped on the head whilst sitting under an apple tree and thus he “discovered” the Law of Gravity.

The Law of Attraction, you’ve heard of that, yes? Perhaps it sounds too “woo-woo” for you?

What about the Law of Vibration… ‘That which is like unto itself is drawn’? In other words, whatever is similar or is vibrating on the same vibrational level, is attracted to the same kind of thing.


These Universal Laws are all STRONGLY founded in physics.

There can be NO disputing that fact (aka NOT “alternative facts” haha 😉 ). And we cannot choose to “apply” or “disallow” these laws in our life. There is never a morning that you wake up and think, “Today, I will be extra careful so I do NOT float up and out into space.” There’s no point in trying to “apply” the Law of Gravity, because it applies itself to you, no matter what. Same with the other Universal Laws.

Many years ago when it became obvious to me that I had some control over the outcome of my life, I began fervently studying the Law of Attraction; listening to and reading just about everything I could find. Teachings on it go way back like the “Power of the Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy; 1963, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill; 1937. There are 100’s (or 1,000’s?!) more, before and after them.

Figuring out how to maintain a positive mental perspective seem key, right? Thus affirmations became “hot”… ‘What you believe, you can achieve…”.

Regardless how you get there, the direction of your focused attention is key.


Law of Momentum

After much learning and research on the subject I’ve finally “discovered” that while WHAT we focus our attention on is incredibly significant, getting results has more to do with the momentum of the energy or emotion (the motion of our feelings) we place behind that focus.

Abraham-Hicks uses the analogy of parking a car on the top of a very steep street in San Fransisco. If you release the parking brake and let the car roll just a wee bit, you can stop it simply by stepping in front of the vehicle. But, if you allow the momentum of the car to pick up speed, the velocity would bowl you over if you stepped in front of it at the bottom of the hill. This is physics and it is the Law of Momentum.


How does this apply to creating the life you want “using” these laws?

You’ve probably heard that your thoughts create your reality. This seems a bit harder to understand to some. I know I struggled with it for a very long time.

Then I started reading material and research from brilliant physicists and highly educated beings like Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief”, and Joe Dispenza’s Youtubes and his book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”.

These men and others have actually documented the brain’s ability to form new neural pathways when you think new thoughts. They’ve found the connection in how our thoughts and beliefs CREATE our outer experience in life. A belief is simply a thought we believe to be true and continue to think.


Back up a step to the vibration thing again…

Think for a moment about your good friends. They likely think similarly to you about the things that matter the most to you, yes? You and they “vibrate” the same on these subjects.

People that feel opposed to those beliefs aren’t going to want to hang out with you because the differences in thoughts don’t feel good. Probably confrontational. So they’ll find groups of people that feel the same as them and that feels better all around. Yes?

Have you ever purchased a type and color of car, and THEN began to notice just how many of THOSE same types and color of cars are currently on the road but you never noticed them before? It’s the same thing. They’ve always been there (more or less) but you never noticed because your point of attention, or focus wasn’t on them before. Now you’re aware of them and you’re seeing them everywhere.



Your attention or focus on any subject and then the amount of momentum or energy (remember your emotions are energy in motion) that you put behind it, brings MORE of that to you.

THIS is the Law of Momentum, aka the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Vibration. It’s all the same thing. And it’s super powerful.

It has the power to create whatever you focus your attention and emotions on. And when you apply a bucket-full of consistent, emotion-filled “momentum”, it will be yours.; good or bad.

Your attention to something your DON’T want, provided you have enough momentum, and emotion (fear, etc)… it can and will be yours.

Equally, your attention and momentous emotions to something you DO want, WILL be yours, too.


You might be asking… “So, how do I get MORE of what I want, and LESS of what I don’t want??”

The “trick” is to pay attention to your thoughts, AND your emotions, and where you’re directing them.

The hardest part for me (and many) was discovering how often and how intensely I was focusing negatively on things. When I did that, I wasn’t getting anything close to what I wanted. I was getting what I feared, what I didn’t want, what I hated, what I argued about or against.

I could see where I was getting both wanted and un-wanted results and when I really paid attention and (stopped thinking so sloppily), I would get better results.

But the negative stuff was hard to even notice most of the time. And that’s because it was a deeply established habit.

These kinds of habits are often engrained in us from an early age. And it’s sub-conscious, which makes it so elusive to our conscious awareness. This makes it the hardest parts to get this going in the right direction for all of us.

Changing the habit of negative thinking means to first RECOGNIZE when it was happening, and then re-direct the thoughts more positively. And this can take time.

New neural-pathways need to be developed. This takes longer when you’re attempting to “undo” a learned behavior (especially one that became established out of a sense of survival). Be patient and loving toward yourself.

Think about a dirt road that is travelled upon often. There are deep ruts in the ground and if you’re trying to steer out of those ruts, you’ll likely be bounced around. The tendency is to steer back into the developed pattern to avoid the discomfort of change. But that’s not where the joy is. 😉


My main message here is that you can create your life the way you want it to be. 

This can be “applied” to your health, your relationships, your finances, your experiences in ANYTHING. The trick is to maintain a focus on what you want, verses what you don’t want. That’s where we tend to mess up.

We WANT to be successful in “this area” but we focus on all the things that will derail us or get in our way and then “that” becomes our experience vs what we really want.


It’s a daily practice but it can be fun. It’s a bit like learning to walk and then run. And it should be fun. If we focus, selfishly, on having fun… then our experiences will be fun. If you believe you shouldn’t have fun, IE: “no pain, no gain”, then you will NOT have fun and you WILL feel pain.

The choices are yours. Always. And you ALWAYS have a choice.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve the quality and lighten the experiences of your life, get more of what you want vs what you don’t want… maybe shift your health to a more enjoyable experience, or improve your relationships, etc., I invite you to do some research of your own. Or you can schedule a FREE chat with me to learn more about how you can begin to create a better feeling life today.




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